Our commitment to sustainable development and innovation permeates all of our research to provide support for business, 对环境, 对世界各地的人们来说.

beat365手机下载app有8名学生 研究机构 以及大量的研究中心和研究小组, 所有人都在努力创造新的知识,解决棘手的问题.



Learn how our research is bringing indigenous nature back into New Zealand cities and suburbs.

布鲁斯·克拉克森教授领导了一个多学科研究, 协作项目-人, 城市与自然——影响生物多样性和社区.


A large research project that seeks to understand how biology responds to increasing temperature has shown what may really happen to life as our planet heats up.

Scientists from the University of beat365手机下载app and Northern Arizona University recently found Earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions through plants could be halved within the next two decades at the current rate of warming.


TAIAO是一项为期7年、耗资1300万美元的数据科学项目, 由商务部资助, 创新, 和就业(MBIE).

It will advance the state-of-the-art in environmental data science by developing new machine learning methods for time series and data streams that are able to deal with large quantities of big data in real time. The methods are tailored to deal with data collected on the New Zealand environment.


Āmiomio Aotearoa is a novel economic concept which is cyclical in nature and regenerative by design, 保持产品, 部件和材料在任何时候的最高价值.

建立在Mātauranga Māori和西方科学之上, the concept aims to move beyond the current linear extract-produce-use-dispose material and energy flow model of the modern economic system, 这是不可持续的.



New Zealand’s population is rapidly changing with the settlement of migrants from all over the world, 日益增长的民族多样性, 人口老龄化, 改变生育率模式和城市增长.

抓住新西兰/新西兰(CaDDANZ)的多样性红利, pronounced 'cadence') is  a research programme that is working to identify how New Zealand can better prepare for, 和应对, these demographic changes in order to maximise the benefits of an increasingly diverse population.



Kaupapa Māori research co-led by Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki aims to address inequities in maternal health services for Māori by using Māori knowledge and tikanga to empower Māori families.

The research project is funded by ‘A Better Start E Tipu e Rea’ National Science Challenge, 并在两年内获得了近100万美元的资助.



有乘客在车里可以使旅行更安全、更愉快, 与独自驾驶相比, according to research by University of beat365手机下载app psychology professors Samuel Charlton and Nicola Starkey.

在这项开创性的研究中, 研究人员询问了新西兰司机他们的乘客所做的有益的事情, 以及他们希望乘客做更多的事情.



A University of beat365手机下载app study looking at the treatment and timeliness of chemotherapy for bowel cancer patients in New Zealand has found inequities in the treatment of Pacific, Māori和亚洲患者.

研究结果将告知新成立的新西兰癌症控制机构, responsible for delivering equitable and nationally consistent cancer services for all New Zealanders.




的人, 城市与自然项目旨在提高生活质量, health and economic wellbeing in New Zealand's cities and towns through advanced understanding of urban ecology and the creation of flourishing natural environments.

It explores the benefits of ecological restoration to urban New Zealanders through six interrelated projects: plantings, 蜥蜴, 捕食者, Māori值, 绿色空间效益和跨部门联盟.



A team of scientists are researching and modelling the risks and uncertainty our marine environment faces from multiple industries and climate change pressures into the future.

beat365手机下载app的研究员Joanne Ellis博士领导, the work is part of a $70 million 10-year Government programme to understand and characterise uncertainty in order to prioritise interventions which support marine health.



The Government will invest $30 million into investigating a proposed hydro storage scheme at Lake Onslow in the South Island, a concept developed by Associate Professor Earl Bardsley from the University of beat365手机下载app.

The system would significantly expand New Zealand’s hydroelectric storage capacity, providing back-up power when other renewable energy sources are running low – a gap currently filled by coal and gas.




安全技术回归责任, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud (STRATUS) aims to empower users by giving them control over the security of their data in the Cloud, 并为公司提供销售工具和服务.

STRATUS是六年的,12美元.由商务部资助的200万网络安全项目, 创新, 和就业(MBIE) and undertaken by leading Cloud security researchers and practitioners.



University of beat365手机下载app researchers have discovered a unique group of microorganisms on the surface of mānuka leaves, which could help explain wide variation in the antibacterial properties of mānuka honey.

Expanding on these findings could help maximise the production of high-grade mānuka honey, 哪个卖几百美元一公斤.



The Nike Vaporfly running shoe has been worn by elite athletes while smashing world records – from 1500 metre dashes to marathons.

But University of beat365手机下载app researchers have found the $380 shoe may not always deliver on the promise of increased running efficiency, 尤其是休闲跑步者使用的时候.





浪费, 尤其是电子垃圾, 是一个世界性的问题, exacerbated by the fact so many electronic devices can’t be easily fixed when they break down, 通常是因为零件过时了, 或者只能由授权的维修人员来修理. 而不是拿你的手机, 移动PC, 电视机或咖啡壶修好了, 买一台新的通常更方便也更便宜.