How to Apply - International Students

Thank you for choosing to study at the University of beat365手机下载app. 本部分将指导您完成国际学生申请流程. Check our application and enrolment dates to ensure we receive your application on time to start your study.

  1. Check your eligibility


    Find out if you are eligible:

    University pathway programmes

    如果你不符合入学的学术或英语语言要求,你可以找到 how to apply for a pathway programme, or if you are ready you can apply directly using the online application form on the University of beat365手机下载app College site.

  2. Check tuition fees

    To help you estimate the cost of your study, check out our international tuition fees.

    Offshore students studying online - please also refer to online study information.

  3. Choose your programme of study

    Onshore students
    Use our Course Finder to see what we offer.

    Offshore students who start studying online
    Check out what programmes are available online here.

  4. Apply

    如果你目前居住在非洲或巴基斯坦,你可能需要通过一个 authorised agent. 这是因为beat365中文官方网站收到了大量来自你们地区的申请. The service is normally provided free of charge. If you are asked to pay a fee, please contact [email protected] with your details and we will arrange for the fee to be waived.


    You do not need to apply through an agent if:

    • You are applying for a Higher Research Degree
    • You currently live in Mauritius or South Africa
    • You are a citizen of an African country or Pakistan but live elsewhere. When applying online, 你需要上传一份居住证明文件,如有效的签证或身份证.

    There are several ways to apply:

    • Direct Application
      Once you have decided your programme of study, you can apply online
    • Applying through an agent
      如果你认为你可能需要一些额外的帮助在你的祖国,beat365中文官方网站的认可之一 International Recruitment Agents can assist you with submitting your application.
    • Study Abroad or Exchange
      If you are interested in short term study, 并且有机会把你的学分转回你的家庭机构, you may like to Study Abroad or Exchange.
    • Higher Research Degrees
      如果你正在申请一个更高的研究学位项目,如哲学博士(PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD), Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) and Masters of Philosophy (MPhil), you should look at the Higher Research Degrees Application Process.
    • Pathway Programmes
      如果你不符合入学的学术或英语语言要求, you may choose to study a pathway programme at the University of beat365手机下载app College. Find out how to apply or if you are ready apply directly by using the online application form.
      beat365手机下载app也欢迎完成申请的学生 NCUK pathway programmes.
    • Apply for Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning
      如果你以前接受过高等教育或非正规教育,你可以申请 Credit (for formal studies) or Recognition of Prior Learning (for non-formal studies). 这承认了你以前的研究,可以减少完成beat365手机下载app大学资格要求的论文数量. 你需要在你学习的前三个月至少六周前申请. Find out more, including how to apply, on our Credits and Transfer page.
  5. Scholarships

    You may be eligible for one of our scholarships In most cases you will need to submit a separate application.

    Offshore students are encouraged to read about online programme offerings.


You have now successfully applied to study at the University of beat365手机下载app. 如果beat365中文官方网站需要任何额外的信息或文件来支持您的申请,beat365中文官方网站将与您联系.

If your application has been successful, 你会收到一份正式的或有条件的录取通知,发送到你用来创建你的账户的邮箱地址(或从你的授权代理人那里)。.

This means you have been given a place at the University of beat365手机下载app.

What’s next?


Onshore students

在新西兰参加beat365中文官方网站校园活动的学生,请参阅 On-campus Student Enrolment Guide for steps on how to complete your enrolment. 本指南易于遵循,并包括截图,将带您通过Mybeat365手机下载app的完整注册过程.

Please note you will need to be in New Zealand on a valid visa. 大多数国际学生申请国际学生签证或路径学生签证.

Offshore students who start studying online

对于在新西兰加入beat365中文官方网站之前在网上学习的学生, please refer to the Offshore/online Student Enrolment Guide for steps on how to complete your enrolment. 本指南易于遵循,并包括截图,将带您通过Mybeat365手机下载app的完整注册过程.

当你生活在新西兰以外时,你不需要学生签证就可以开始在线学习. However, 当你准备好来新西兰继续面对面的学习时, you will need to apply for a student visa before travelling.

When the time comes, 确保你带着完成入学所需的一切物品到达新西兰, and to settle into your new home, check out our pre-departure info.


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Phone: +64 7 838 4610
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